Take 2! My @Nutrisytem Journey begins July 5th! #nsnation #ad #take2 #weightloss

If you have been following me for a while, you know that I have tried a few diets and failed. Juicing and the Wheat Belly diet, Atkins to name a few. Juicing was really hard with the kids. I couldn’t find the time to juice all that fruit and clean it up. Wheat Belly was hard because I was having to make two meals, and the temptation was all over the house. I was accepted into the Nutrisystem blogging program last October and failed. No fault to them. When I followed the plan I lost. In October I did really well until all that Halloween candy was in the house. Then November was Thanksgiving, my birthday and my wedding anniversary. After that was Christmas and New Years. It felt like I was surrounded by temptation non-stop. I have come to the realization that I can’t take a day off and have a cheat day. The people I have seen lose the weight weren’t eating a birthday cake on their birthday they were eating a Nutrisystem dessert. They were staying on plan.  I feel like this is my last chance. Me losing weight seems to be coming a running joke. I don’t think anyone even believes I will succeed at this point. I am doing this for me however and to be healthy for my kids so critics don’t really matter to me anymore.

Why Nutrisystem?


I remember my mom doing Nutrisystem many many years ago, and she said she liked it. I, however, wasn’t thrilled with the ingredients at the time. Since then Nutrisystem has improved a lot. I have been eating all natural and organic for several years now, but we do occasionally eat out. Even if something is all natural and organic if you have an overeating problem like I do…it is not going to matter. Even if I ate five bags of organic potato chips or three organic hot dogs I am still going to gain weight just the same. Organic or not being over weight is not healthy. That is why I decided to give Nutrisystem a shot. On the plus side they do have over 100 preservative-free options. Since I have an over-eating problem and Nutrisystem is in pre-packaged portions, I believe it will help. With two toddlers I tend to grab whatever, order in delivery and not really think about what I am putting in my body. With Nutrisystem, I will have a plan; the food is pretty much ready to go, and hopefully I will be more alert to how much I am putting in my body.


My ex-step mother said I was fat in all the pictures below which is why she told the court she didn’t let me eat much. If that is fat, then I am an elephant now. Social Services removed me and put me in the care of my grandparents.


I am in the blue dress front row, graduating elementary school.


My dog Sandy and I. RIP little girl.


My dog DK and I in 2002. He passed a way a few years ago. Cool dog.


I started gaining weight when I was about 13. From ages 9-13, I was deprived of food, by my step mother as stated above, and it caused some major food issues. Issues that I still deal with today. As soon as I moved in with my grandparents, and I could eat…I did…a lot. I was scared my food would be taken away, so I would hide it. I would eat cold ravioli out of a can with a handheld can opener in the corner of my room at 1am. It was pretty bad and although my grandmother said she would never starve me; she gave me space. I soon learned I could eat what I wanted when I wanted it, but it took sometime. It wasn’t until I was 19 that I lost all the weight. Then at 22 I went through a bad depression and gained it all back, and I haven’t lost it since. I am 35…36 in November.picture3

Most I ever weighed at my grandparents was about 175 or so. I ended up losing it all around 1999. I was about 115 pounds after I lost the weight the first time. First time I roller-bladed and exercised a lot and ate mostly low carb.picture7 picture5 picture4

 I gained it all back around 2003 when I went through a bad depression and ate a ton of fast food in a short period of time. Since then I haven’t been able to lose a pound. I am not depressed right now I am very happy. Sometimes I get stressed out taking care of my toddlers like any normal mom, but that is about it. I have a wonderful husband and two boys as most of you know. Adam who is 3 and Henry, who is 1. I haven’t been able to lose much since Henry was born. The most I weighed with Henry was about 246, and after I had him I went down to about 232. I am now 224. I will be doing Nutrisystem for approximately three months. I hope you will follow me, and if you would like to join Nutrisystem, I will have more info about details on signing up in my next post.
These are my before pictures below was taken within the last 30 days.



It was not required by Nutrisystem for me write this post, but I wanted to introduce you all to the start of my journey before I received all of my food and program details. I will share those details in a future post. Nutrisytem will be providing my program free of charge for my participation in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program. I begin my journey on July 5th!

Argh Matey! Captain Adam Hook is in the house!! #Captainhook #Greatpretenders @grtpretenders


Adam really loves anything pirates. He loves to watch Jake and the Neverland pirates and I really thought for a while that he was into the Jake character. One day, I was listening to him play, and I noticed he kept taking on the role of Captain Hook when playing with his Jake and the never-land pirates boat. I said, “Are you pretending to be Captain Hook?” and he said, “YES! I love Captain Hook.” He doesn’t know it yet, but he will be getting Captain Hooks ship for his birthday!

argh1DSCN3845 DSCN3846 DSCN3847 DSCN3851 DSCN3852 DSCN3854


When I saw a Captain Hook outfit on the Great Pretenders website, I thought that it would be perfect for my little guy. He loves to act out scenes and pretend to be Captain Hook. Now he has the costume to go with it to further his imagination! I was really impressed by the material. I can’t see it falling apart. The hat went on his head and stayed on tightly, but he said it felt soft and comfortable. He really liked the hook. Adam took the eye patch off after the photos because he said it was hard to see. It was an eye patch after all…. Halloween will be here before you know it, and he said he would also love to wear it then as well as around the house for play and imagination. Great Pretenders has a lot of different costumes for the Great Pretender in your house, so be sure to check them out on their website and follow them on social media to see all their cute costumes in action! If you like Adam’s costume be sure to grab it now while it is 50% off!

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Samsung – POWERbot Essential Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum changed my life! @BestBuy @Samsungtweets #bbysamsung

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I have two toddlers and I work from home and because of this it seems that I can never get everything done. I could never afford a maid for the extra help around the house and the Samsung – POWERbot Essential Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum is the closest I will probably ever get to having extra help around the house.




I thought it was so amazing as I was shopping with my husband and kids at the grocery store that while we were getting everything on our list our vacuum was cleaning the floors in our house. It really just blew my mind. I still have to mop the floors, but it really took one of my daily chores away. Now when I think about going to the park with the kids or running errands I get excited because I am thinking, “Oh sure we can got to the park and then I can come home to clean floors” It was pretty exciting to me.cjqzlz2uoaabxkx


I was worried that my boys would break the machine or want to stand on it, but it hasn’t been an issue. Henry who is almost 2 was a little scared of it at first, but quickly adjusted. Adam who just turned 4 thought it was a super cool robot machine. Adam was following it around the house in amazement. I had discussed the vacumn with him before it ever arrived so he was pretty excited when it finally came. Adam said, “Oh my robot vacumn is here!” I said, “No that’s Mommy’s robot vacumn.” He said, “Ok, we can share.” lol.


The hardest part about getting the vacumn set up was removing the AAA batteries from their packaging.  It was very easy to set up and the user manual was easy to follow.


There are so many cool features that are included with the Samsung – POWERbot Essential Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum. You can use the remote like it is a remote controlled car and make it go to the places you want, you can use your wifi away from home to vacumn the house and you can even send the vacumn back to the charging station whenever you want. I tell the boys that the “Robot is going home”.



Mother’s Day has come and gone, but this is every Mother’s dream. Especially during the toddler years where the messes just never seem to stop. I swear I could clean all day and the house would still look a tornado hit. Boys will be boys I guess as the saying goes.


The Samsung – POWERbot Essential Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum had no problem going around toys, stuffed animals and random things around the house. I was pretty worried that with two toddlers the robot would be constantly confused, but it didn’t seem to mind. When I do let it run when we are away from home I do make sure everything “toy” wise is picked up off the floor, but if we are just at home and the boys want to see it in action then it just goes around whatever they are playing with during the day.

13335329_10153869320274006_415784870_n.png 13342020_10153869320364006_921831121_n.png  13335282_10153869320314006_1059562210_n.png 13329626_10153869320299006_640520847_n.png

Here are a few “cons” I did find however with the robot vacumn.


-It can’t fit under most of my furniture. Examples: Kids beds, futon, kitchen chairs due to its bulkiness of the machine.


-It gets stuck on floor vents and gets confused and just turns off when it comes in contact with them. We have floor vents in every room so if we are leaving and I want the machine to run while we are gone then I will shut the doors to rooms where I can’t block vents with objects.


I think the Samsung – POWERbot Essential Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum is awesome for people with busy schedules, messy toddlers and people with disabilities like my sister in law who is in a wheel chair. Despite a few cons it really has changed my life and when I am doing the dishes and I can hear it cleaning my floors it puts a smile on my face that I have a little help from my robot friend. I wrote most of the above prior to having hernia surgery on May 27th, 2016 Friday morning. It is really hard for me to walk around or bend over right now, so the vacumn has been a huge help to me while I am recovering from surgery. My husband and kids have been helping me pick up the toys on the floor and then the robot vacumn does that rest.

Two boys and a hubby Easter Gift Guide 2016



We got both of our kids Easter bunnies at Ikea for their Easter baskets, but if that is not an option my toddlers really adore Harry the bunny.


What items are we putting in their baskets this year?


I fell in love with Magformers – My First Set and when I saw you can even build a bunny I was sold! I played with it before I hid it in the closet and it is just so perfect. I will do a full review once Easter is over, but I promise your son or daughter will love it and it is for ages 3+. My 3 year old Adam loves magnets and I know he will be so excited so see that the Easter bunny left him something so fun!


From their website: Creative minds are sure to love the endless possibilities of the My First 54Pc Set. With 5 different geometric shapes in 6 colors children can follow along with 29 play cards to learn about color, match shapes, learn the names of fruit and animals and click Magformers together to create both 2D and 3D patterns. The possibilities are endless.



My kids do like candy, but they are not fans of peeps. I discovered that over the holidays. They are full of artificial stuff, so I am actually glad they don’t like it. My plan is to get a ton of eggs from Party City and a couple boxes of Annie’s fruit snacks, rolls, etc and put one fruit snack in each egg and hide them around the house. My son loved finding them around the house last year. I will get a golden egg and fill one with chocolate for each of them. I think the key to the no fighting since they are so little is for me to hide one golden egg in my dresser or something and then when one toddler finds it give the second toddler a lot of hints and then hide the second golden egg really quick.


I just really like the idea of filling their Easter baskets with learning games and toys rather than a ton of candy. I feel like we just had Halloween and then Valentines Day and it just seems like there has been a lot of candy lately. Last year I filled Adam’s Easter basket with chalk, bubbles, a bunny, some chocolate, fruit snacks, books and the DVD: Hop.

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